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Websurfers Educational - mostly text

Websurfers Educational - mostly text

Educational - mostly text


E-Medicine (a U.S. company privately held launched in 1996) is one of the largest clinical knowledge base available on the Net, covering some 7,000 diseases and disorders and containing an Image Bank of nearly 30,000 multimedia files. The evidence-based content provides current practice guidelines in 62 medical specialties; for Pediatric Surgery look under "Pediatrics". Subchapter on "General Surgery" is unfortunately still empty, but plenty of pediatric surgical pathologies -schematically but comprehensively treated- can be found in the subchapters "Urology", "Gastroenterology" and "Neonatology"

Neonatology on the web

Private-owned site run by a Cedars-Sinai Medical Center physician, features some utilities useful also for pediatric surgeons, such as: 1) General reference materials (Tables and charts commonly used in routine neonatal intensive care); 2) Medications for Neonates (Formulary for neonates, with dosing guidelines by gestational age and weight and references); 3) Teaching Files and Guidelines (an extensive list of links to teaching files and guidelines for neonatal-perinatal medicine); 4) Neonatal Drips calculator.

OMIM - Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man 

This database is a catalog of human genes and genetic disorders developed for the Net by the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). The database contains textual information, pictures, and reference information, as well as the OMIM Morbid Map, a catalog of genetic diseases and their cytogenetic map locations arranged alphabetically by disease. A visit to the site it's a must for all pediatric surgeons dealing with gene-related pathologies (from Adenomatous polyposis to Wilms' tumour).

Pediatric Surgery Update

Humberto Lugo-Vicente's website is by far the most known and complete among those devoted to Pediatric Surgery in the Net. The volumes of the Journal, appeared in July 1993, cover a wide array of topics; the Pediatric Surgery Handbook for residents is possibly the most complete in the web; well worth of interest are the section on "New techniques in pediatric surgery" and the challenge to the skills of readers in "What is your diagnosis" section.

The Pull-thru Network 

The Pull-thru Network, a chapter of The United Ostomy Association, Inc., is a non-profit support and resource organization dedicated to the families of children who have had or will have a "pull-through" type surgery. The site hosts a full-text quarterly newsletter intended to report items of interest with regard to imperforate anus, cloaca, VATER association, urinary incontinence, Hirschsprung's Disease, spinal and renal anomalies, as well as a glossary of medical terms, online terms, surgeries, and abbreviations.

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