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Websurfers Future perspectives

Websurfers Future perspectives


Future perspectives


This page represents an attempt to put the available paediatric surgery related internet sites in an order so that the interested paediatric surgeon can screen the information according to its relevance for our subject. This is strictly to separate from peering these sites.


However one of the subjects that UEMS is dealing with is the education of the interested student, trainee and professional with the ultimate goal of generally approved procedures for re-establishing health.


A continuous education of paediatric surgeons abuts on manifold barriers such as heterogeneous, individual educational requirements, geographic obstacles, financial problems, limitation of time, family obligations, carrier commitments etc.


Modern information technology with user friendly operating systems offers a promising approach for overcoming these difficulties. In addition the proliferation of personal computers opens an elegant method for an educational network. The number of medical professionals with access to Internet is estimated at about 50% and the access of institutions all over Europe, regardless of geographic position, over 95%.


Paediatric Surgeons in different European countries have different demands on the depth and detail of the requested information and specific paediatric surgical training is getting more difficult due to the expansion of medical knowledge. Redundancy of the presented contents and depiction of complex facts by printmedia accelerates this problem.


Multimedia technology offers a feasible possibility for making this wealth of knowledge easier to handle and present. These innovative training methods could contribute to a response to major socio-economic challenges facing the European Union by solving educational problems in a European dimension. The quality of life of the Union’s youngest citizens could thus be improved.


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